Inspirations on Computer Programming

By | August 23, 2018

Its been 9 years… I often thought to list out the things that I would love to do, that makes me happy, and makes the life more meaningful. Yeah, programming is the second and last in this list. First one is music designing, but lets talk about this later.

As long as I can remember, during the last few months of 2008, I started to know, what actually means by programming. I had no computer than, nor any phone. Before that, I had a huge interest in computing devices.

Think about today! Most of us, have a metal piece about 5 inch in length. With this metal piece, we can communicate all over the world, and can know the information about most of the things! Even the biggest libraries in the world can be accessed from this metal piece. Before 40years it was just a dream, or may be some idea what only crazy people could thought off.

This metal piece is nothing but the smart phone that we use every day. And each day, we’re getting concerned more and more for how to use, and how to avoid when needed.

One of the first idea that I got about programming is, “With programming, we can do anything, and can achieve anything with a computer”. One of the most interesting inspiration in today’s programming is “Programmers are like tiny God, they could to do whatever they want, in the world of technology”.

I guess, most of you know the concept of VR (Virtual Reality). It’s a simulation controlled and manipulated by powerful computing device. In VR, we see a complete new world. In VR we can make anything, do anything. Let’s say about gravity! In VR, it’s very much possible to alter any laws of physics, there could be no gravity, no chemical reactions, and no momentum! It’s just a limit of imagination what we could do and shape on VR.

In near future, VR will be more organized and gradually more popular. Often, people don’t like the world around themselves. Did you see the movie, “Ready Player One”? I’m talking about situations like this. Today, we pass our time in imagination when we really don’t like the things around us. But soon, technology will bless us, with VR, to create the world, with our own imagination.

May be it would not be much tough to imagine “Moner Bari” there! Rather, it will be clean and clear like the real world we see.

Programming is like to do math. Do you like to do math? Then of course we will love programming. What we do in math? Do we solve it at once? No, we do it by solving the small parts one by one, and then merge those together. Programming is just like the way we solve mathematical problem. And the bonus one is, emotion is something which has nothing to do with programming. Think about story writing, song composition, music composition, there’s involves a lot of emotion. However, programming is logic. Nothing to get afraid. It’s all there, just we need to find out the small parts that are going to be solved first.

May be some of you, already tried programming and given up! Because it seemed like a boring one! But sometimes if you focus closely, what can be achieved with programming, you will be amazed. Let’s say about few games, or the most popular apps that you use? Did you even think, if you could add features that you would love about that app or game? Or maybe, the interface doesn’t suit you, and you would want to achieve an interface on your own? Yes! It’s possible by programming.

And the programmers who made those apps, didn’t do in one day. Often it took months, years. If you talk about our apps, the very first release took minimum 3 weeks to get the first initial skeleton, then 3/4days to fix the bugs that aroused, and finally release as the first initial release. And then, months after months, we add more features, and make those gorgeous. These all didn’t came in one night. It came by the very small jobs that we do each day.

Yes, sometimes things doesn’t go the way we think. Experience is nothing that can be easily, whether it’s programming or not. But PATIENCE is something which makes the experience. You might heard proverbs like, “time will tell everything”, “time heals everything”. These are true. In my career, often I faced problems that was out of my hand. However, I sought patience. And broke the problems in small pieces, and guess what?! Breaking a problem in small pieces and solve those one by one, always makes things easy and solved.

I think I would write more inspiring articles in future. For today, let’s finish here!

Let the IDE and API(s) have mercy on us!