How to transfer files between android and windows PC

By | November 20, 2018

There’s several ways, you can use to transfer files between android and any windows PC. There’s even some apps which can allow you to control more features. However, if you want to only transfer files with minimal approach, FTP is the best way to achieve this.

We will need two software to do this. First we will need the Metro FTP Server. This app alone can act like a FTP server. And with this app, you will be able to transfer any files stored in your phone, to any FTP supported clients.

In windows, download the FileZilla Free FTP Client. After downloading it, install it. Installation is simple.

After installation in both sides, open Metro FTP android app first. Now click on the Start Server button, after starting up it will show that it has started and is listening to the port. By default, its port is 2121. Username is ‘ftp’, password is ‘ftp’ by default.

On Windows open filezilla. Now in quick connect section, enter hostname. In the android app, when the app started, it will show an ip address like ‘’, this number might not be exactly like this but mostly similar like this. This number is the IP address of your FTP Server. Now in the filezilla enter this ip as host, enter username and password.

Now clicking the connect button will connect your FileZilla client to your smart phone. You can now see the files of your smartphone to FileZilla. And now you are ready to transfer files between your PC and phone.