Free Open source Cloud Storage Software

By | November 30, 2018

Here, we summarized some of the most popular – Free Open Source Cloud Storage Software ready to deploy to server.

Cloud storage software – is a system which you can deploy to a web server. Cloud storage software – in the core, syncs user files to server to keep them backup. And makes it available through the internet with proper authorization. The more popular a cloud storage software is the more you get the features. Open source means, the source code of the software used here, is available for free. You can edit, modify and re-publish with your own requirements.

Today, we will talk about, some of the most free open source cloud storage solutions. In this 2018, we got a lot of open source cloud storage solutions featuring advanced editors, sharing, supporting multiple file systems etc.

In this quick review, we will focus on main key points on each open source provider. So, that you can take a decision fast.

(1) Own Cloud – Protecting Your Data

Alexa Rank: 153,522(Global), 46,169 (Germany)
Foundation: January 2010
File System: FTP, Swift, S3, Dropbox
Features: Has community driven apps to integrate more features. Defaults: , File Storage and encryption, Music Streaming, content sharing across URL’s, Mozilla sync hosting and RSS/Atom feed reader, one-click app installation, Video and PDF viewer
Language and framework:
Platforms Supported: Winodows, Linux, OS X, Android, iOS.

(2) Next Cloud – Leading OpenSource Cloud Collaboration Platform

Alexa Rank: 28,599(Global), 16,223(Chine)
Foundation: 2016
File System: Server storage only
Language and framework: PHP, MySQL
Platforms Supported: Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS

(3) Seafile – Cloud storage with client-side encryption.

Alexa Rank: 94,631(Global), 16,405(Chine)
Foundation: 15th October 2012
Supports: Default Server Storage Only
Features: Cross Platform File Syncing, Cloud storage as a virtual drive in windows.
Language and framework: Python, MySQL
Platforms Supported: Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Max, Desktop Browser, Android, iOS

(4) Pydio

Alexa Rank: 285,113 (global), 73,745 (France)
Supports: Amazon S3, FTP, MySQL Databases
Features: Text editor with syntax highlighting, audio and video playback, image editor, file or folder sharing both in private and public.
Popularity Point: 500,000+ downloads in Sourceforge.
Language and framework: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript.
Platforms Supported: Desktop Browser, Android, iOS.

(5) Ceph – Future Of Storage

Alexa Rank: 59,289 (Global), 10,182(US)
Founded: 2007
File System: Default Server Storage, Block device, In form of Object through RADOS gateway
Language and framework: C++, Perl
Platforms Supported: Web Browser Only
Features: Highly Scalables

(6) Syncany – Secure File sync software for arbitrary storage backends

Alexa Rank: 4,590,951 (Global)

(7) Gluster | Storage for your cloud

Alexa Rank: 362, 209(Global), 367,495(US)
File Systems: Native xfd, ext4 file systems
Platforms: Web Browser Only

(8) XigmaNas – Open Source Storage NAS

Alexa Rank: 312,635(Global), 189,198(US)
File System: Default Server Storage

(9) Syncthing

Alexa Rank: 139, 769(Global), 38,949(Chine)
Platforms: Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, Cross-platform GUI wrapper
Language and framework: Go

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3. Nextcloud – Protecting your data
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