BDIX Server List 2018-19

By | December 3, 2018

BDIX Server List with more than 50 entries are included here. Note: These servers are only available to the local broadband users in Bangladesh.

Server Hardware

BDIX stands for Bangladesh Internet Service Exchange. If you are broadband user in bangladesh, then you probably noticed that, for some servers download speeds go beyond the speed provided to you. These servers are the partner servers of BDIX. These servers connected to each other. Most of the cases each server belongs to each ISP nearby. Plus point is you can access other ISP’s servers.

So, here is list of active BDIX server of 2018
Updated: 14 May 2019

  1. SAM Online:
  2. Barua Cyber Net Media Server: (Not Available)
  3. Circle Network : (Not Available)
  4. Mojar FTP :

Kindly note that, there’s a lot of ip addresses and host names that you might find other places. But be aware that, all of them are not active. Almost all the new servers gets dead after 3/4 months. However, the list we have provided are currently active, and contains huge number of contents that you might find interesting.