How to improve coding skills Mindfully | Part Two

By | December 4, 2018

This is the second part of ‘how to improve coding skills mindfully’. The first part is here. How to improve your programming/coding skills | Part One

Today we will talk more about focusing our attention. Often we get so addicted to programming that, we forget the time when we are sleeping. Even sometimes, we forget the time when we eat! So, we just need to control our focus in a professional way. We need to manage. But how?

8. Amplify your focusing power

Do meditation, and practice your focusing everyday. Just try to understand how much attention you are giving to solve a particular problem, and how long you can keep it up.

9. Free your Imagination

You can often fell yourself in childish imaginations. Listening to music and imagining a peaceful environment is the core of meditation. Just ensure that the lyrics are positive. If the rhythm is below the heart beat rate, than that music will cause a powerful positive impact on you.

10. First do it in your head or paper later on the monitor

Got an idea about the solution of the problem? Or found a new idea? Keep it in a paper, or just try to focus to the solutions in the head. Don’t just instantly sit on the keyboards. Because you mind end up replacing the whole part. Just try to increase the limit of your imagination. And practice to solve problems in calm mind.

11. Keep your self far from monitors as much as you can

It can be funny, but the truth is a monitor can distract you most. Often you visit some sites and get ended up far from ‘what you actually wanted to do’. So, keep your mind calm. Calm mind is very healthy to solve a problem very fast.

12. Don’t engage yourself with social/family related problems with silly causes

We all have these problems. But don’t engage yourself with other’s problems. Problems will be always out there, But if you think that, senior developers don’t have problems because they are good in financial conditions, then you are doing a great mistake. The reality is our problems and needs never ends. We just need to cope up with it. Problems can persist in family, but if you take a family problem as your own problem, then definitely the consequences will be bad. Just let the elder handle it. Keep yourself free as much as you can. But of course don’t forget to focus to them when you need there most.

13. And Lastly — Love yourself, Love yourself, Love yourself — And try to give attention to own pain and gains.

The process of continuous programming a not a juicy thing. And if you want to build your career in programming, you must have to look after yourself. Because, sometimes, you will be too attentive in some cases that, you won’t get enough time to look after, what you eat or drink, or when you sleep, etc. And the reality is everyone is busy with themselves. Never ever, expect that, someone out there will look enough after you. So, take the responsibility of thyself. And in meditation try to give enough love to your organs. Give value to yourself. If you don’t respect yourself, no one gonna give you that. If you have some hobbies than try to fill those ups. Try to except yourself in new ways everyday, love yourself, try feel that, God created you also with love. And try to feel these. In these way, you will be good, and your surrounding environment will be favorable for programming.