Internet Website statistics – 2018

By | December 6, 2018

As a power user of internet, you might have wondered how many websites are there. For me, I was doing some research works to build a search engine. Hence, I needed an estimation how many web pages or web sites, I might need to index.

Netcraft is an internet service company, who does research from the very beginning of internet in this sector. If you don’t know yet about netcraft, please visit there website to know more about them. In this article, we will focus on main statistics for the internet.

How many websites are there in the Internet?

According to February 2018 servery of Netcraft,  1.8 Billion (1,838,596,056) Websites are discovered across the internet. These 1.8 billion websites comes across 214,036,874 unique domain names. And about 7 million web facing computers are hosting these websites.

How many websites are active?

1.8 billion websites are there in the internet, however, not all of them gets traffic. More than 85% of those are inactive. Most of them are just parked domains or have some similar functions. Often developers started to grow an idea and gave up eventually. This means only 10-15% of them (~2 million) are active, and gets visitors regularly.

How many Internet users in the world?

As of 2017 report, Internet has more than 3.58 billion users. This is about 51% of the total population of the earth! China, powering over 1 billion users, is currently the most active country using the power of internet. Which is approx 25% of total internet users. If someone thinks US or UK has the most internet users, than obviously, s/he doesn’t know the stats. US has around 272 million internet users, which makes them third in the competition! India is the second here, empowering 331 million users. Source Statistica.

Internet Users Stat

How many webpages are there on the internet?

Now, we know, there’s more than 1.8 billion websites. And each website is composed of one or more webpages. However, not every website has the same number of web pages. Big websites like wikipedia has more than hundreds of millions webpages in them. However, the inactive websites have roughly one page in it. According to this research project (updated on a daily basis) by Tilburg University (Netherlands), there are at least 4.26 billion web pages in the internet. However, this number changes over time.

How many websites are created every day?

This is hard to tell. More than 70% websites are just parked domains. And each day new one comes, and most of the created ones fades away. However, if we look at the website count over time we can estimate that, around 400 new websites are created in every minute.


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