6 Best Mobile Advertising Platforms

By | December 8, 2018

Revenue earned from Ads are huge. And this is a fact, that you might have missed. Earlier in my development career, I thought ads are something which are annoying, and always gets ended up in bad user experience. However, its upto the designer, who places the ad.

Mobile Ads

Facebook once started, it generated revenue from the ads, to pay the domain and hosting charges, and still in this 2018 all of the revenue it generates comes from the ads. Even, Google generates 90% of its revenue through ads. Interesting, isn’t it? Everytime we open gmail, there’s ad in it. In every youtube video there’s ad in it, either in the sidebar, or in the video itself.

If you thinking to monetize your app, ad is the best choice. People still don’t want to pay for tech products. So, again, its time to rethink about ads, if you are also someone like me, who thought ads are bullshits!

There’s surprisingly more platforms than adMob for app monetization with ad. Today we will discuss some of them.

1. AdMob

Admob is a product of Google. It can be easily integrated with AdSense, and thus this works. Since, its Google, you can trust one percent to generate the revenue that your app deserves. AdMob SDK provides quick and easiest way to add ads in your Android, iOS or Windows phone. And again, since, its Google, the libraries are easy to integrate, and you can finish up adding the ads in less than an hour.

2. Millennial Media

Millennial media can act as both a market place and a campaign platform. It is well known for being the chief mobile advertising network, which climbed its way to the next level via the first public offering. For someone looking to quickly and easily structure a campaign for advertisers to rival for their business, the Millennial Media Platform offers an affluence of intelligence and research for that particular use. In addition, it also provides users with a systematic dashboard from which they can obtain reports of all transactions such as date ranges, pacing, targeting and pricing.

3. Tapjoy

If you are mobile game developer, than you might want to consider Tapjoy first! This is because it has experience with in-app purchases, which is among the most utilized way of achieving optimum app monetization. Tapjoy takes the lead in the gaming domain. Think about the mobile gamer. What s/he going to do when s/he is having a hard time finishing the game! Remember the Candy Crash? Which has no ads, and you need to pay money to climb the levels faster. And like me, I’ve watched so many people given up this game, just because we didn’t want to pay for a game. Come on! Its just a recreation! In order to avoid this, Tapjoy has introduced incentivized downloading by providing gamers the prospect of earning virtual currency by partaking in real world actions.

4. Aditic

Aditic is a prime mobile advertising network. It was established and is owned by a mobile marketing company called Sofialys. Aditic offers support in various platforms including Blackberry, Android, Java, iOS and Samsung Bada.

5. Byyd

Byyd was initially know as Adfonic. However, it re-branded itself to Byyd. Byyd provides approximately 95% fill rate for iOS and Android platforms. With their main focus on rich media ads, Byyd provides advertising platforms for big brands and corporations such as ESPN, Samsung and Amazon.

6. Chartboost

Most gaming app developers opt for the Chartboost ad platform because of its commitment to serve gaming ads with integrated serves and built-in analytics ads, basically to accomplish your cross-promotional marketing campaign needs. Chartboost platform has several creative solutions that are intended for the heavy utilization of app marketing in a professional manner. Since the targeted audiences are already present and playing the game, and are always looking for the next fun gaming app, the ads displayed are basically about the downloading of new gaming apps and cross promotion. The best thing about Chartboost is that it only takes 5 coded lines to begin.