List of Best Internet Search Providers – 2018

By | December 19, 2018

Internet search provider is commonly known as Internet Search Engine. An Internet Search Provider is a online service, that indexes web pages over the internet. Internet search providers sorts the pages for best relevancy.

Internet Search Provider

We have gone through some of the world’s best internet search providers. Google comes as the first in mind when we think to try search over the internet. However, you might want to check out other search providers. Since, internet is an open place to find information, many organizations trying to build services. So that, we don’t need to depend on single web service. If you are a power user of Google search engine, sometimes, you might needed to fill a captcha. Complaining that, Google is getting huge traffic from your IP address. Although, you are 100% sure, you are not using it abusively.

Hence, often power users of internet, tries other internet search providers, to keep up the flow

1. Google

Google is the leading internet search provider today. In 1998 it revolutionized the searching algorithm by implementing the Page Rank. Google is the #1 website in the internet. Every hour, millions of search happens in Google.

2. Bing

Bing is the microsoft’s search engine. It is getting more popularity now a days, and ranked 47 in alexa global. Its the second most popular search engine in china ranking 32 by alexa.

3. Duck Duck Go

Duckduckgo is another popular internet search provider focusing to preserve the user’s privacy. Ranking #220 in Alexa Global and #133 in US. If you are searching an alternative of Google, than definitely you should try DuckDuckGo.

4., ranking #128 in Alexa Global, is the next popular search engine in India. The site is celebrating its 20 years competing the Google! This is also a good search engine, that you might want to use as an alternative one. In India, ranks #81.

5. Yandex

This is a Russian portal, offering many similar products and services as Google, and it’s the dominant search engine in Russia. As you can see it offers results in a nice logical format, replete with favicons so you can clearly see the various channels for your branded queries. Ranks #1090 in Alexa Global, and #1014 in china.

There’s so many developers today trying to build their own search engine, to find information fast. If you are one of them, and trying to choose the best language suited to write a search engine, then read our Best Programming Languages of 2018, to know more to pick up the right language for you.