Top Alexa One Million Website List – Daily Updated

By | May 5, 2019

Rankings of the top 1 million websites, in the world. If you are on a way to analyze the internet or trying to implement a crawling engine. Then, you’ll most probably look for top websites. Luckily on the internet, there’s free list of top ONE MILLION websites! Yes! Its not only 500 or a thousand, its one million full!

Alexa announcements:

Adrew Chilton, a dev from New Zealand was found to share a gist. Which, explains retrieve the top one million website listing. And printing the list in command line. View the Gist at Github.

There is an URL mentioned here which holds the top one million website list:

Following which, you can get the list of top 1 million websites.

Other Resources:

Additionally Majestic also provides 1 million websites list. Read the blog: Alexa top 1 Million sites is retired. Here’s the Majestic Million.

Another Good Discussion on Reddit: List of top 10 million websites (based on CommonCrawl’s Open Data)

In this article a page from is linked as: Download list of top 10 million domains based on Open data from Common Crawl & Common Search. Here you can get list of TEN MILLION top websites. Please not that, the sites ranked down from 2 million doesn’t have much visitors. In a test website which ranked around at 2M, has a monthly visitor of 58 with page views 207. They website has around 15 posts and not all of them are interesting.

Interesting Website Statistics:

Please read our: Internet Website statistics – 2018. To find more interesting topics about internet! After reading this web stat, you’ll know that, the internet after all is not that big! And most of the websites are parked domains! About 10 million websites are active and half of them gets some (1-10) visitors at least. Around 1.8 Billion websites are just parked domains.