Implement a Custom Sync Adapter in Android

By | July 12, 2019

We’ve noticed that, accounts can be managed in Settings of Android Device. And there’s multiple apps that can connect to same account to provide different data syncs. Since, these settings can be controlled, by turning on/off, users can customize their experience. Moreover, syncs are performed by native system. Hence, its always device friendly to perform syncs with the system.

SyncAdapters are somethings we call, when we implement out account gateway which can be managed by the android. Basically we just need to add a SyncAdapter. A service than connects the SyncAdapter to work. And a little xml definition, so that system can discover and understand the type of the SyncAdaper.

Well, there’s not a lot things going around the web, for writing custom sync adapters. However, I’ve collected a few pages, that you’ll find important to keep a reference.

  1. Write your own Android Sync Adapter by udinic
  2. Create a sync adapter by
  3. Run a sync adapter by