How to find RSS Feed URL

By | November 14, 2019

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. Sometimes also referred as Rich Site Summary. Most RSS readers can work with multiple RSS sources. When we add multiple RSS sources, in one place we can read all the contents published recently. Most RSS feeds only store 10/15 newest contents, However, RSS readers archive them, and enabled to read them later.

RSS is still popular but, they are being used in a different way. Most news sites uses RSS feeds to parse news from another websites. If you want to build your own news engine, we might want to discover the RSS feed URLs to collect the contents.

Collecting a RSS Feed URL, is actually pretty simple.

1. WordPress

More than 30% websites of internet is powered by wordpress. Many popular websites are powered by it, due its simplicity, extensibility and durability. You can find a website’s RSS feed by just adding a “/feed/” prefix at the end of the website’s home address.

2. Inspecting the HTML source

If you are developer, you already know, how to read the web page’s source code. For most of the browser, just right click and select “view page source”. Now find for the keywork “RSS”, near the RSS word, the RSS feed URL will be there as, “href=<something>”. This <something> is the RSS feed’s URL

If you don’t find a feed by adding “/feed/” prefix, then probably, we need to inspect the source.

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