What is the Exciting and Fully Automated Neabot Bringing for Us from the Kickstarter Campaign in May?

By | May 6, 2020

Neabot – the ultimate hands-free vacuuming solution – is all set to launch on Kickstarter this May. In case you are wondering what is the hype behind this product of Machine Learning and AI, it is good to know it’s so much more than just being hands-free, and you are about to find out how.

Some highlighted features of this tremendous addition to the robot cleaners include:


Self-emptying dustbin

Gone are the days when you still had to supervise your so-called “automatic” floor cleaning robot while you turned it on. Neabot offers you the ultimate perks of having an automated tool for cleaning your home with its groundbreaking technology, surely redefining “automatic” cleaning for you.

  • Capacious for Storing Debris

Many of us live in congested areas or don’t have enough time to throw away the off scouring after every round of cleansing the house. The Neabot has a dust bag at the base station with a capacity of 2.8 liters for storing the debris up to a month.

  • Stay Out of the Dirt

This caring robot makes sure you literally stay out of the dirt as it seals the dust bag and notifies you right away once it gets filled with the disposal matter. So when it’s time to take the garbage to where it belongs, you don’t have to get your hands and clothes dirty with the dust.


Strong suction power

Neabot Hands-free Vacuum solution has 2700Pa pressure capacity, which means one of the strongest suction power in the market. Also, an easy-to-handle device that reaches to all otherwise inaccessible corners and sticky wickets to draw in all dirt and grime effectively. What do you get? A noticeable, thorough cleaning that surely makes a difference.


Multi-Level Vacuuming

Well, its powerful vacuuming isn’t the only thing to suffice for; you can access the control panel on APP easily and select the vacuuming power for all kinds of surfaces including hardwood, carpets, marble, and other surfaces. Especially, the feature of carpet-detector makes Neabot flexible and adaptive when heading for carpet, boosting suction power.

29 Laser Sensors ensure smart Mapping and High-precision

The ingenious AI comes into play with its fully automated mapping system which makes the whole cleaning process a much enjoyable experience for you as you can easily do your other tasks or just watch this robot moving around the place and doing its work with a powerful radar system and precision.


It recharges itself when needed and comes with an automated continuation breaking point for smart use. The two brushes on the side and a roller brush work together to excavate all the dirt that is difficult to reach, leaving your place your place visibly cleaner and newer looking.


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