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Ornoma is a place to help developers primarily. However, if you are technology enthusiast, you will definitely find helpful news and reviews to know more about the present state of technology. We write reviews, list out the bests to quickly take the right decision.

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We build quality products that will make your every day more memorable more delightful. Use our apps to ease your daily works. Metro series apps are primarily designed for users who tends to do more by doing less. Metro Gallery, Metro FTP Server, Metro Sound Recorder are just a few apps in the Metro series that will definitely help you boost your productivity.

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We write valuable tutorials and news articles, that will help you get better connected with technology. Our topics include android and java important tutorials, news on android, tutorials related developing faster. We also write on life-science related topics like meditation, mindfulness, inner-peace etc. You can find reviews for some popular services, that might help you to boost your marketing strategies. You can also find listings of services, that you might require in your developing process.