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How to send email in android programmatically using java

By | December 3, 2018

We can use JavaMail API to send email  in android programmatically. However, its also possible to send the user to installed Email app. Sending an intent to that Email app, will be enough for this. In this intent we can attach all the information that might require for an email. Including, attachments, custom Html etc.… Read More »

How to encrypt and decrypt text with passphrase in Java

By | November 30, 2018

In this quick snippet we are going to explain how to encrypt and decrypt text with passphrase in java. How to encrypt and decrypt String with my passphrase in Java (Pc not mobile platform)? This is just a snippet. It explains how encryption and decryption works with java. Normally, in production, we create custom classes.… Read More »

How to set up private maven repository with artifactory

By | November 24, 2018

If you are an Intermediate or advanced android developers, you are now familiar with android modules. The number modules available is increasing each day exponentially. If you are planning to launch your own project, you might need to manage those modules in best and sustainable way. How private maven repository helps to grow fast? Well,… Read More »

How to transfer files between android and windows PC

By | November 20, 2018

There’s several ways, you can use to transfer files between android and any windows PC. There’s even some apps which can allow you to control more features. However, if you want to only transfer files with minimal approach, FTP is the best way to achieve this. We will need two software to do this. First… Read More »