Android Metro Apps

We designed some solutions for your daily needs. Ornoma is ready to take all of your notes sync across devices. With ornoma you can also share your notes with friends and family.

Android Ornoma – Note management, sharing, cloud sync, offline

With ornoma you can create and edit rich text, and automatically sync with them with Ornoma Cloud Space. By default you can save up to 200 notes, and total data space 5mb for free. 5mb space is a lot then you might think, if you don’t add excessive images, and keep the images optimized.
Note: Due to some unexpected bug reports Ornoma App is currently unpublished, our developer are working on the issues, and we will soon publish the app for public use.
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Android Harmony – Its not only a music player, its harmony!

We love Harmony, because of its minimal and effective design. The concepts of music and playlist are different here. We call musics as harmonies and playlists as queues. This makes a great difference through all of the apps in the play store. In the app, you will find the best world-class quick navigation system, and everything is under controlled.
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Android Financia – Expense Management made easy

Manage your personal and business finances with debit credit system. Financia lets you track all the accounts that your money flows. Get to know you accounts with more details.
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Android Metro Gallery – All photos in every corners in one place

With Metro Gallery view all of your photos taken from camera or downloaded from online. Metro Gallery also automatically lists every photos it finds in your internal storage and removable media. It also includes photos received by bluetooth, wifi file sharing and USB transfers.
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Android Metro FTP Server – Backup, transfer files from your file

Metro FTP Server can standalone act like a FTP server over the local area connection. If you are connected to an WiFi area, then using Metro FTP anyone with access, can upload or download files in your device.
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Android Metro Music Player – Music for life

Quick search all your music files, folders, albums. Material design and premium animations made this application more beautiful and elegant. Metro Music player is not only based on artists or albums, but also based on the folder structure. Metro Music Player will guide you find all the music files in seconds, and supports you quick search relative music videos/MV through artist or track.
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Android Metro Advanced Dictionary – English to English dictionary for experts

Metro Advanced Dictionary is dictionary app which can translate English to English. Each word have its description. Each description is written for expert use.
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Android Metro English Bangla Dictionary

Metro dictionary is an English Bangla Dictionary that has a very simple user interface. The background search engine is fast and contains a total of 0.2 million records. Each word contains its meaning, definition and also details.
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Android Premio 2048 – Addictive puzzle game

The best 2048 game optimized for Android. Super fast performance and super fun. HOW TO PLAY:
Swipe to move the tiles. When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one! Reach 2048.
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